From the viewpoint of the Borgward brand, automobile design concerns not only the shape but also the experience of the product. “‘Authentic’ means that the design is easy to understand and confident, with strong identity attributes”, introduced Roland Sternmann, “The ingenuity of Borgward is to exhibit the German design concepts into all automobiles with rigorous precision.” As far as the BX7 is concerned, it is based on the current concept to create the new family of design, except for the inheritance of the traditional diamond-shaped logo, the eagle-wing lines, and other classic elements.

This is the genuine work of craftsman, because every detail is made with real materials that are crafted through careful sanding or polishing. This shows a confidence with a clear conscience. The new Borgward model adopts the 3-spoke steering wheel, resulting in a greater tactility and easier maneuverability. Sewn with French double-stitching, the seats utilize the noble and refined grid patterns to highlight the advanced quality and durability of the interior. The full leather interior employs tremendous detail in every stitch and is delicate and soft to the touch. While seated, the panoramic sunroof allows owners and passengers to gaze up the sky above for a full luxury experience.