Besides ‘authentic’, Borgward also focuses on the appearance as ‘dynamic’. Eagle wing dynamic lines are employed throughout the vehicle. Design of these lines and the overall profile not only reflect the full dynamism of the vehicle, but also presents a fascinating balance and sense of tension. The three-dimensional front grille and free-flowing curved surfaces have created the sculptured appearance of the vehicle body. The proportional design of the body is remarkable, serving its functional role in aerodynamics while creating a luxurious SUV that’s sporty, too. The fluid roofline and the rising waistline reflect the aerodynamics in a more intuitive and scientific way, so as to produce a dynamic body that symbolizes speed and freedom.

To this end, Roland Sternmann said that “The more dynamic the vehicle, the more it exhibits sporty performance. The design is open for change and adaptation. It means there’s a sense of sport flowing in the blood of Borgward models in this design, which promises an elegant and sporty stance even while in a stationary state.”