“’Elegant’ means to achieve the harmony between form and function and maintain the attitude of confidence, logic, and calmness. In design, it is interpreted as smooth and elegant contour and form,” said Roland Sternmann.

BX7 enjoys an elegant and smooth overall appearance and outline. Any detail that can be touched and seen is presented with the most exquisite materials and workmanship. If you can appreciate these elements, you will find that every detail in the vehicle is full of the understated luxury and uncompromising connotation, elegant in every possible way. Elegance can also be seen in the design of the lights. The highly transparent blue diamond headlights have angular contours, and the daytime running lights and the turning signal indicators serve to help drivers see around every corner. The highly transparent red diamond taillights are also not inferior in any respect, for they bring an elegant and dynamic style to the whole vehicle.

Source: www.borgward.ae