• Maintenance



1. Periodic maintenance service should be performed according to preventive maintenance service schedule.

2. For normal maintenance service such as cleaning and polishing, lubrication, replenishment or replacement of fluid, oil, coolant, replacement of worn wiper blades, bolts, drive belts, fuses, filters, brake pads, brake and clutch linings, spark plugs, tires, hoses, rubber parts, upholstery, bolts and nuts. Gasket, air-conditioner filter should be borne by customer.


1. Any expenses incurred as a result of breakdown of the vehicle including expenses for towing, communications, hotel and meals.

2. Compensation for time loss, commercial losses, finance charges, hire-purchase payment, rental cost of substitute vehicle arising from breakdown of repair of vehicle, costs of hospitalization, loss of belongings and legal  expenses.

3. Any other consequential losses not specifically listed in above clauses.