Committed enthusiasts have been responsible for preserving the legendary Borgward cars over a period of several decades. They have kept the brand alive – and the legendary cars on the road.

Henry Preneux still fondly recalls the moment he fell in love with his first Borgward. There was a businessman in the suburb of Recklinghausen, where he grew up and attended school, owned an ivory-colored Isabella TS de Luxe. “I walked past it every day on my way to primary school,” explains the 66-year-old. “I knew, of course, that this Isabella was a genuinely fast car, but I was also captivated by its beautiful curves.” His passion remains.

20-year-old metalworker Oskar Pfeffer’s preference for his first car was never in doubt: it had to be an Isabella. Unable to afford a new Isabella, he travelled from his hometown of Frankfurt to Wiesbaden with a friend and purchased a second-hand 1954 model. From those days onwards, Oskar’s enthusiasm for the marque has never waned. Even the company’s collapse in 1961 did not shake his faith – he established a network of Borgward devotees in the Sixties and gradually became involved in buying and selling a variety of Borgward models and relics that had lost their popular appeal.

Ulrich Koböke is owner of one of the largest collections of Borgward model cars, “I just enjoy the everyday company of all these Borgwards,” he explains. His collection does contain some very rare specimens, including 1:43-scale plastic Isabella and Isabella Coupé models displayed on their small cardboard boxes bearing the Borgward logo –plastic models that were formerly produced as promotional gifts for Borgward customers.

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