Industry 4.0 engineering technology provided by BORGWARD has been Incorporated into the design and production of your BORGWARD vehicle. from the moment you get behind the wheel of your DIAMOND BATCH, you will be surprised and satisfying the joy of driving, the feeling you will appreciate for as long as you own your BORGWARD. You will also be pleased by how strongly we stand behind every BORGWARD vehicle.

The New Vehicle Limited Warranty at 8 years (96 months) with unlimited mileage, described in this SERVICE & MAINTENANCE RECORD BOOKLET is one of the finest available.

Together with your Owner’s Manual, details of the warranties and maintenance intervals which we recommend for you to follow to maximize the performance of your BORGWARD vehicle.
Also, our BORGWARD 4S Outlet, BORGWARD Mobile Service or 3S BORGWARD Dealers will take care of your service needs by using only genuine BORGWARD parts. We will do the best to ensure that your BORGWARD vehicle continues to exceed all of your expectations.is not just selling the BORGWARD vehicle that looks pleasing in the showroom. We committed to making sure that you will enjoy your BORGWARD vehicle for years to come.


Safety and operational reliability are very important factors. Which can be assured by undertaking regular maintenance and service towards your vehicle. The schedule maintenance service includes all the necessary maintenance work which must be carried out by following the owner’s manual.

We recommended that you check the following items before any long distance trip:
1. Engine oil level
2. Coolant level
3. Brake or clutch fluid level and all the systems operate in good condition.
4. In case brake fluid lower than the minimum level, contact any BORGWARD SERVICE CENTRE for appointment to determine the cause, i.e. leaks or worn brake pad.
5. Windscreen washer system – replenish water mixed with windscreen detergent, check wiper blades and test the function.
6. Tyre pressure – recommended checking at least once a week, monitor (TPMS) indication at combination meter regularly.


BORGWARD vehicle is subject to stringent quality and control check which is Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) to be performed before your BORGWARD vehicle leaving the showroom. This means that your new vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and tested before delivered.

To ensure that you are acquainted with your vehicle, your seller will carry out the following procedures before handing over the vehicle to you:

1) Fully explain the controls of the vehicle to you and allow you to inspect the vehicle.

2) complete the vehicle and the customer details in the registration card section in this booklet.

3) Explain the terms of the VEHICLE WARRANTY.

4) Introduction of SERVICE Staff by sales personnel to the owner of the vehicle.

5) Provide to you with the contact numbers BORGWARD 4S Outlet/3S BORGWARD Dealers which will continue to look after the ‘WELFARE’ of your vehicle.

*note: If your vehicle was delivered in an unsatisfactory condition, you are advised to report within 24 hours from the date of delivery.



1. Periodic maintenance service should be performed according to preventive maintenance service schedule.

2. For normal maintenance service such as cleaning and polishing, lubrication, replenishment or replacement of fluid, oil, coolant, replacement of worn wiper blades, bolts, drive belts, fuses, filters, brake pads, brake and clutch linings, spark plugs, tires, hoses, rubber parts, upholstery, bolts and nuts. Gasket, air-conditioner filter should be borne by customer.


1. Any expenses incurred as a result of breakdown of the vehicle including expenses for towing, communications, hotel and meals.

2. Compensation for time loss, commercial losses, finance charges, hire-purchase payment, rental cost of substitute vehicle arising from breakdown of repair of vehicle, costs of hospitalization, loss of belongings and legal  expenses.

3. Any other consequential losses not specifically listed in above clauses.

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