Wednesday, January 3.- The Borgward team car is already in Peruvian soil, it arrived on January 2 and is already on the way to the technical reviews of the competition.

As mention previous, the team is made up of Erik Wevers and Ashley Garcia. That way, the Wevers team and Garcia will make their debut as a couple in the toughest rally in the world. It should be remembered that both already participated together in the Portalegre Baja race in Portugal.

The Dakar Rally has become the most important race on the planet, due to the great physical and mental demand made by the difficult terrain, which are sandy, muddy, highland and wet.

The competition has been 10 years in South America,since before it was held on the African continent, however, a terrorist attack in the African country forced to cancel the biggest motoring event. This fact led to the current Dakar director, Étienne Lavigne, making the Dakar in South America. In this region, an incredible terrain was discovered, which they classify as the most difficult terrain the Dakar has had.

It should be noted that less than 40% of the participants finish the rally due to the difficulty of the terrain.

In this way, the Borgward team, which is characterized by its spirit of precision and innovation, focused on making a car, which meets the best conditions for the toughest rally in the world. The car built was the new version of the Borgward DKR, which was updated based on the car thatparticipated in the last edition of the Dakar.

It should be remembered that Borgward has been characterized as a winning brand, which is evident in the championships that it has obtained throughout its history. The brand, in its heyday, broke 51 world records on the track from 1950 to 1958. One of them, was in 1950, year that was champion in Montlhery, France. In this contest, the brand established 12 international records, the car that was used for the competition was INKA, an aluminum alloy car with which BORGWARD marked its initial debut at the highest level of motorsport. On that occasion, Borgward and Porsche were tied in the classification of the race, therefore, the press stated colloquially that BORGWARD and Porsche emerged as “The Heroic Duet”.

In the face of these events, Borgward became a company that was characterized by having competitive DNA in auto racing. Therefore, the brand returns to the Dakar to remain at the highest competitive level.

For this reason, on January 3, the brand made a shakedown where they performed tests with the Borgward DKR which were successful and proved the good performance of the car. In this event, Erik Wevers, Ashley Garcia, the technical team and representatives of the Borgward brand were presented.

Erik Wevers received us in a friendly way and in a pleasant conversation he told us, how much effort took him to get to the Dakar and how his association with Borgward leads him to aspire with a precious tenth place in the competition. “We have been involved in the Dakar, and in other rallies, for many years. This year we returned with the updated version of the Borgward. The engine and many small details of the car have improved a lot. I have not been in many races, but we have worked intensely in the car and we have done many tests. The main objective of Borgward is to finish and demonstrate the reliability, but personally I think it is possible to end up near the top 10. The role of Ashley Garcia is important for the case. It’s his first Dakar, but he knows the dunes of Peru very well and he has a lot of experience as a quad rider and in navigation, which I think is crucial. ”

Then, the navigator Ashley Garcia told us that they will compete with the same car of the last edition, but with a new engine of the Borgward brand, which has many more horsepower, new technology and new programming. Wever and García commented that the Borgward DKR is very safe.

Next, Erik Wevers added that they belong to the class A_T1.1 of the competition. The T1.1 class refers explicitly to all-terrain vehicles with modifications, but which maintain the essence of the car. In this case Borgward made different changes to the last edition in order to reach the summit of the toughest rally raid on the planet.

In that way, the team Wevers and Garcia will seek to be the best in the competition as a whole to Borgward. They hope to reach thetop of the competition cataloged as the most difficult on the planet.

The toughest competition in the automotive world is about to start and the Wevers team is ready for the strenuous competition called ‘Dakar Rally’.